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Yes, of course I am trying to make this blog light and funny (I actually think I am funny, but am open to feedback on how I might not be so funny). In reality, the situation isn't light hearted or humorous -  each and every day is a grind, draining and at times devastating. I believe I have made it through the past four years with laughter as much as with tears. 

Note: I haven't created this site to be funny (even though I hope it is), I have created it for a couple reasons.

One, because my story (my mom and my story) might give others support, encouragement, hope and laughter or hopefully a place to turn. Second, I have a stockpile of a million unique moments in the course of a day with Dementia. These trials and tribulations of witnessing the onset and the progression of Dementia - seen through the eyes of a daughter - are likely those experienced by others. I have stories to share about everything from collecting thousands of milk cartons and aluminum cans, to potentially smothering the dog. Gosh, I hope they inspire you to share your story(ies) with me. 

Of course I know you are wondering what my mother might be thinking about this site (and trust me I spent a lot of time thinking about that). I have decided to move forward with this blog site because I believe my mother would have loved the idea (always supportive). She had a great sense of humor about herself and about life. I think she would have found the stories, pictures and videos hilarious even though she might have been a little embarrassed... Lastly, she would have loved the attention.   

I believe (like her) there is nothing too sacred, nor any issue too personal - if the story can help someone, then I'm ready to share and tell it like it is (if you are ready for that). 

My mother was a big community activist, she cared about people, and she would have wanted me to share our story as a means to help others. I don't expect everyone to think I made the right decision - BUT if this site connects with just ONE other person who 'gets it', and is going through the same thing, then I've succeeded.

One last reason I hate to admit, but this site keeps the memories of my mother alive to myself and others who visit the site...


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